Plantar Fasciitis

We know a lot of you struggle with this type of foot pain! Strain from poor footwear, exercise, postural & gait problems contribute.

Plantar fasciitis occurs in the foot when there have been long-standing imbalances of tension in the muscles of the calf, and sometimes the hip & low back, as well. These groups place the foot in a position that causes compensatory tightening of the intrinsic foot muscles & fascia. To prevent frequent recurrence, treatment of all of these structures and dedicated stretching are also required.

Poor distal circulation and inability to truly rest the feet mean that this can take around 5-10 treatments to resolve, depending on contributing factors. If left untreated, plantar fasciitis can lead to heel spurs or postural bunion formation. ¬†Achilles tendinitis can occur in the lower calf, at the insertion site of the calcaneous, and is caused by similar muscle imbalances in the lower leg. We have RMT’s who are experienced in treating this condition.

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